Hiking Chimney Bluffs State Park

Photo taken by yours truly: Crystal Rock Photography

A beautiful Sunday afternoon hiking Chimney Bluffs was a usually lazy Sunday well spent. Chimney Bluffs was on our “travel goal list” that we created in the beginning of this year during our Storm Stella snowed-in-day  – read post here.
It was an easy hour drive for us to the state park. FYI – if you park at the main entrance you must pay a $5 parking fee during the busy season. Before we chose which direction to hike, we studied a map located at the entrance showing the different hiking trails and how many miles each trail was.

Photo credit: https://emilyberkson.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/chimneybluffsparkmap-web.jpg

We decided to hike the whole loop starting at Garner Point Trail to follow the Bluff Trail along the edge of the lake’s coast. The Bluff trail gives you incredible views of the bluffs and allows you to walk up above them. You may also choose to walk along the coast line down by the water to see the bluffs from below as we saw some people doing although it is not recommended.

Once we approached the end of the Bluff Trail, we turned onto Drumlin Trail. Drumlin Trail takes you through the woods (and mud). We were actually the only people around – no one else in sight – which made it seem as though we were lost. Thankfully when we got to an intersection, we noticed a small sign (facing the wrong direction) showing we had made it to the East-West Trail.  We turned onto the East-West Trail and eventually to our delight we made it back to the parking lot.

Our Old English Bulldog Nova came along with us. She loves to hike and explore. Although, I think she was happy for the hike to be over as she was exhausted!

After our long hike, we stopped at Orbakers along the way for some food and ice cream. We had Buffalo Chicken Burgers (so messy, but so good!) and some ice cream. Even Nova had a doggie sundae. P.S. – Their pistachio ice cream was amazing!!!

Photo credit: http://s7d2.scene7.com/is/image/TWCNews/orbakers_gag_3917jpg?wid=640

Thank you for reading!

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A Dog Named Blu

We are so excited to announce a new addition to our family – Blu.

Blu is a rescued senior Coonhound mix who lived in a neglected home. He’s been through a lot, but he has adjusted to us very quickly.
His previous home consisted of living outdoors his whole life in a wooden dog house with holes in the floor boards and the roof, a 10 foot long chain wrapped around his neck so tight he had sores, and stagnant water. His owner was an elderly lady who just couldn’t take care of him, so we approached her and pitched the idea of taking him. Happily she accepted.

Shane trying to fix his coop to make him comfortable

He was located in Pennsylvania, so as soon as we closed on our new home in New York, we drove down and picked him up. Before making the four hour drive to our new home, we of course took him to the groomer! He was one smelly dog and as you can see – very overweight! The groomer did an amazing job and he did very well for his first time. He also did very well in the car – no accidents!

When we first picked him up to take him to the groomer.

When we arrived at our new house, he was so ecstatic. It was as if a new dog had already emerged. For people who don’t believe dogs smile, he will change your mind! Seeing his face when he was tied to the chain and then looking at him now – it’s incredible.

His first day at his new home.

He now has a fenced in yard to run around (chain free), a new doggie friend – Nova, a safe and clean dog house, and always clean water and fresh food.  He also has love, something he had never experienced before. We take him for daily walks and play with him. He is pretty clueless when we try to play, but he is catching on. He’s learning a lot from Nova as well as us teaching him how to sit and stay. Who said an old dog can’t learn new tricks?! We’ve had him for about 4 weeks now and has been losing weight – getting down to a healthy size.
Recently, we took him for his first trip to the vet. The vet was very understanding and courteous. As we are unsure if he had ever been to a vet, she treated him as a puppy. He received his vaccines, a puppy health check, heartworm tests, and a few others I lost track of! He also had a cyst under his belly that we had to take a sample of to make sure it wasn’t cancerous. Thankfully, it seems to be benign. He tested Lyme positive, had a few different kinds of worms such as whipworm, and his physical exam showed stiffness in his legs – which may be from the Lyme. He doesn’t have a lot of strength in his legs either; both of which may be caused from being on a chain his whole life and not getting proper exercise. When he breathes he snorts, this may be caused by the chain being wrapped around his neck causing a collapsed trachea. His teeth showed that he may be younger than we think (10 years). Unable to determine what type of Coonhound he may be, she called him a mutant beagle (because he’s 102 lbs!).

After his vet visit, we took him to Petsaver (his first pet shop trip!). We self groomed him in their wash room which he didn’t seem to mind. It was our first time using one of these rooms, too and we actually had fun! They supply everything and clean up the mess after. So much better than using your own bathtub. Another plus – he got to go shopping after!

He loves getting any kind of attention! Look at that smile!

Currently, we are treating him for the worms and Lyme disease. Hoping he will make a successful recovery to live on to be a happy old man. Stay tuned for more updates as we will be going back to the vet for a follow up in the next few weeks!

I set up a GoFundMe account in his name to help us with his vet bills and care – please visit: https://www.gofundme.com/dog-named-blu

Thank you everyone for your support.

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Rochester Lilac Fest 2017

The first few beautiful weeks of Spring always smell so nice. Pause for a moment and take a deep breath. What do you smell? Grass clippings, budding trees, blooming flowers…

One of my favorite smells of Spring are Lilac’s. At Rochester’s Lilac Festival, you can walk the paths smelling the Lilac’s fragrant smells. At the end of the paths you reach a smorgasbord of food trucks and vendor stands. Grab a carnitas taco or a sushi garbage plate while you watch the band of the night play over the noises of the roaring crowd.

Photo found on: http://keywordsuggest.org/gallery/830729.html


Photo credit: https://www.rochesterevents.com/lilac-festival/current-lineup/

Lilac Festival is one of the largest free festivals in North America. You won’t find another one like it in our country. Many of the festivals’ Lilacs reside in Highland Park, a park that has about 150 aces of rolling hills and botanical delights. The first lilacs planted here date back to about 1890 when several thousand shrubs were planted. 8 years later, a random festival broke out and around 3,000 people traveled to Highland Park to see these magnificent flowers. Today, the Rochester Lilac Festival draws in about 500,000 people annually to this ten-day FREE event.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the beauty and smells of Spring.

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First off – we want to apologize that we have not been posting as much as we’d like.

Life has gotten away from us this month in the best kind of way. We’ve begun a new adventure and I am so excited to see where it takes us. Since graduating high school, I’ve never stayed in one place for too long. I was living in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Pennsylvania again, and Tennessee while he was living in Texas and Montana. Finally, we are beginning to plant our roots in New York – certainly a new experience for us both.

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Take a Hike at Corbett’s Glen

Upstate New York is full of beautiful state and local parks featuring different terrains (plains, hills, rocks, water…) and I want to try them all! Moving here has opened up my mind to so many possibilities and new areas we could travel to and I am so pumped as the weather is finally starting to become Spring!

This past weekend we took a very short drive to Corbett’s Glen and spent a few hours hiking the main trail through the woods and to the glen. It was a beautiful, sunny, and crisp Spring day. We were able to get up close and personal to a small Doe who didn’t seem to mind people as well as see some flowers starting to bloom. As we hiked through the woods, the sound of the rushing glen was starting to become more apparent. Before we knew it, we arrived at a clearing near a house and a tunnel where the glen came to meet us.

Above the tunnel lies the train tracks – while we were there we saw a train whiz by.

Down a little further from the tunnel resides a small, but beautiful waterfall. This area also acts as a swimming hole for many locals.

The park itself consists of 52 acres with about 2 miles of hiking trails – I believe we did all of them this past weekend! The trails are wide – mostly dirt until you get to the viewing area of the waterfalls where it is pavement and gravel. There are multiple entrances to the park – we parked at the end off of Penfield Road, but the main entrance is on Glen Road near the tunnel.

Throughout the woods you will find a fort made out of branches – not sure if there is any history behind this. We also found a little gnome hidden near a tree along the trail. We kept our eyes peeled for more that may be hiding throughout the park – if you find any be sure to let us know!

Photo credit: https://www.ahealthierupstate.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Corbetts-Glen1.jpg

All in all, this state park was the perfect way to spend a Saturday with the love – the terrain made it for a great workout, yet I had so much fun I didn’t realize how many miles we actually walked. Can’t wait to hike the next park on our list!

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The Most Scenic Drive in the USA

As someone who has driven all over the country in almost every state, I must say the most scenic drive I ever took was both on the coast and through the forests of Oregon. I never imagined a drive could be so breathtakingly beautiful!

Past the Klamath National Forest, Route 101 is no longer red lights and tourists crowding the highway as you may find in California. We avoided California’s 101 on our road trip due to traffic and our time constraints. We found once you cross the border into Oregon, you begin to drive on the open road with Oregon’s colorful coast in view and it is simply incredible.

On our drive we found Florence and Newport to be beautiful small towns to go exploring in. This historic town Florence, has incredible sand dunes jetting off the river that is a must see. Walking around the town is probably the best way to tour it’s colorful art galleries, the famous Siuslaw Bridge, and fun shopping centers.

Photo credit: https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/05/7b/8c/b4/sand-dunes-florence-oregon.jpg


Under the Siuslaw River Bridge

Aside from Newport’s beautiful ocean views, gorgeous beach homes and cute boutiques add to the towns allure. As you will come to find out many towns in Oregon have famous bridges, Newport’s Yaquina Bay Bridge being one of them.

Photo credit: http://discovernewport.com

Cape Perpetua is the perfect area to pull over and gaze out over the ocean with the wind in your hair. (Be sure to see Thor’s Well while your there!). Once you reach Newport going North, you may take Route 20 and jump onto Route 5 to take you through the middle of the state leading North to Portland. Portland is a beautiful city to spend a day in – tour the incredible famous bridges while discovering its’ eclectic vibe.

Photo credit: https://tealswan.com/

Lastly, once in Portland, you can drive down Route 30 towards Oneonta Gorge. On this Route you will discover so many parks, waterfalls, and vast wilderness – your mind and your soul will thank you.

*This is only one of the many scenic drives and my personal favorite I’ve discovered while traveling around the USA.*

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The Breaking Bad Fan Sightseeing Road Trip

Have you ever just sat on your couch and binge watched almost an entire season of Breaking Bad on a rainy day? We have and we aren’t ashamed! If you have ever seen the series it is pretty amazing and intense. Watching the chemistry teacher, Walt transform into his crime-ridden Heisenberg persona; and stoner Jessie becomes a hot headed salesman whose guilt eventually catches up with him. It’s all in the name of GREAT TV.


As we were planning our cross-country road trip around the United States we knew we would be passing through Albuquerque, New Mexico – where the TV show was filmed. Walt’s house, the car wash, random streets, maybe even Walt’s grave stone. We figured it wouldn’t hurt if we wasted a little time and see what those places look like IRL.

You can find a lot of self-guided sightseeing tours on websites such as: https://www.visitalbuquerque.org/albuquerque/film-tourism/breaking-bad/

Walter White’s House

Walt’s House is not just a prop – a family has been living in this house for about 40 years. So if you do go for a drive-by, be very respectful and do not step on their property. When we drove by, we parked across the street as to not be so obvious. To our surprise, the couple who owns the house was sitting on lawn chairs in their driveway. We stepped out of our vehicle to take a photo, and the lady told us not to come any closer, but we could take as many photos as we’d like. As we did, the man asked us where we were from and tried to have a conversation with us. They are very nice if you show respect. The address of the house is 3828 Piermont Dr. As you will see, the house looks exactly as it did on the show, the only thing added are the NO TRESSPASSING signs and video cameras watching your every move.

A1A Car Wash

Breaking Bad turned a family owned car-wash into an A1 empire! Octopus Car Wash, formally known as Walt’s A1A Car Wash on the show, is a very popular car cleaning hot spot in Albuquerque. The car wash is located at 9516 Snow Heights Cir NE. We weren’t planning on seeing this place, but as we were driving down the street we just so happened to notice it looked familiar! There was such a long line we didn’t bother washing my car – although I wish we had!

Biking Tour

If you’d like to see a few places while getting your cardio in – try the Ultimate Biking Bad tour.

Photo: http://routesrentals.com/blogroll/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/biking-bad-breaking-bad-bicycle-tour-abq.jpg

Walter White’s Tombstone

Photo: https://assets0.roadtrippers.com/uploads/poi_gallery_image/image/319787791/-strip_-quality_60_-interlace_Plane_-resize_1024x480_U__-gravity_center_-extent_1024x480/poi_gallery_image-image-223c9107-42da-403d-aec3-2e17bfdd1338.jpg

Walter White has a tombstone IRL. When the show ended, fans had a funeral on Oct 19th, 2013. The tombstone was placed at Sunset Memorial Park cemetery first, but after many complaints for obvious reasons, the tombstone now resides at a local strip mall as a tourist attraction. The address of the mall is 6855 4th St. NW. Read more here.

Now, go enjoy your Breaking Bad Sightseeing Road Trip!

“Tread Lightly”

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The O.C. Fan Girl Road Trip

Growing up I was obsessed with the TV show, The OC – as many teen girls were. I used to daydream about living on the coast of California like the characters in the show and how wonderful it would be. It wasn’t until now, after our road trip to my dream destination, did I realize that dream was just a dream. Taking that road trip to California made me realize that moving to Newport wasn’t going to make my life like theirs. And it wasn’t because Newport isn’t where they filmed the show… 😉

Long ago I found an online guide showing all the filming locations from The OC.

Check it out here (http://www.seeing-stars.com/OC/).

I picked each place I wanted to see and added it to my bucket list. Of course on the trip, we were pressed for time due to all the different places we planned to see, that many of those places in California I just crossed off the list because they didn’t seem as important. The places we did go however made my inner fan girl scream with joy.

First stop was Newport Beach where I stepped into the Pacific Ocean for the first time. The town was filled with fishing wharfs, dive bars, and hipsters. It seemed like a cute old fisherman town with a lot of stories to tell. We walked the boardwalk with seagulls flying over us and skateboarders whizzing by. We grabbed lunch at a little pizza joint and shopped in a few gift shops. I loved the vibe the town gave and I didn’t want to leave. Newport Beach looked nothing like it had on the show, and that’s because the show was actually filmed in Redondo Beach a little ways North down the California Coast – our next stop.

Redondo Beach was just as adorable as Newport Beach. As we approached the boardwalk, I gazed in awe – the lifeguard houses, the surfers, the boardwalk with it’s shops and restaurants – it was exactly like The OC. I was filled with excitement as we walked down the boardwalk and started following our map. See map below.

Redondo Beach Pier Map. Credit: http://www.seeing-stars.com/OC/PierMap.shtml

We took a stroll past the “Bait Shop” and continued around the lower level of the plaza. We saw the “flags” that you see multiple times on the show when they are walking and biking on the pier. We gazed out over the water and breathed in the ocean air. It was peaceful and fulfilling.

We went into some of the different shops and bought some beach memorabilia before going into the Pier Diner. We made sure to sit in the exact booth where the gang would sit in each episode. Above the booth, hung a photo of The OC gang with their autographs. It felt so surreal.

The restaurant must have changed hands at some point, or maybe they just altered it for the show. The diner had a front desk where you could order your food and most of it was Asian unlike on the show. Our booth, the bathroom, and the restaurant itself didn’t look very clean, but I don’t regret going in there at all. It was an experience I will never forget. My adolescent dreams came true.

“Welcome to the OC, Bitch.”

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Plant & Sip Event

Surely, a lot of you have probably attended a paint and wine event – but have you ever attended a Plant & Sip event? As many paint and wine events popularity are slowly declining, businesses are looking for more and more ways to bring customers in and build relationships. For a local floral and wine gift shop, Stoney Acres, I pitched an idea of a Plant & Sip event and we all ran with it. With about a month of planning, we were able to come up with a unique idea that only few across the nation have done before and it was a hit!

Stoney Acres’ Plant & Sip Event – Feat. Elk Mountain Winery

The Plant & Sip event consisted of a creative afternoon making a tabletop terrarium garden while tasting Elk Mountain wines. It was such a blast to see how popular the event became with mostly word of mouth, tickets sold out in a snap. Events such as this is a great date idea to do in your local hometown. It is also a great idea to do while traveling so you may act as a local and meet people. The people you meet may also help you discover what else in their town you should see and do.

A lot of events like these I tend to find on Facebook Events. I love looking up in the city I’m in to see what may interest me. You can find anything from free to cheap events such as local festivals, yoga classes, and small release parties. Instead of looking for a tourist activity to do, why not look for a local event to do? They tend to be cheaper and more fun anyways!

Side note: – “Facebook Events also helped me find a face painting event for

dia de los muertos at The Flwr Shop in Nashville!” See photo below, post to come soon.

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Blink & You’ll Miss It – Field of Peace

As you’re traveling down Texas Route 66, you have to keep your eyes peeled for unique and easy to miss roadside attractions. Similar to that of Cadillac Ranch, the Field of Peace is covered in spray painted art. If you haven’t heard of Cadillac Ranch, or haven’t seen our latest “Blink & You’ll Miss It” piece, click here.

Cadillac Ranch

Traveling through Conway, Texas, we spotted a field full of signs. We drove by and thought, “that looked interesting, we should turn around and check it out!” We were the only ones driving down the road at the time, no other cars in sight. The field was filled with laser cut metal signs that looked like they were from circa 1970’s.

The signs showed peace symbols, pot leaves, and memorial dates. In the middle of it all stood a large cross with a “peace bench” next to it. Little did we know, it is all placed in the shape of a giant peace sign – only visible from the sky.

We didn’t stay long as there were millions of horse flies buzzing around us. Every other second I felt the pinch of one biting me and ran to the car! I had bug bites for weeks after. Aside from that, we do certainly suggest you scope out the fields as your driving through Conway as to not miss this unique roadside find. If anyone else has any other information about how this field came about, please let us know. Also, check out this additional description about the Field of Peace written by Travis Good.

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